PURO. By nature.
Only natural ingredients.

Only natural ingredients

The use of only 100% natural ingredients is key to offering a food product with no added sugar or polyphosphates, which is also gluten- and dairy-free. This is not just a cooked ham: this is PURO, a steam-cooked hind leg of pork which is healthy and wholesome, gluten- and dairy-free, but also delicious.

PURO. By nature.


Processing is slow and meticulous. The meat used for PURO, steam-cooked hind leg of pork, is the result of a careful selection process designed to offer a healthy, delicious product.

PURO. By nature.
Only plant-based preservatives.

Only plant-based preservatives

The potentially harmful effects of artificial preservatives on health are well known, which is why PURO is processed using only plant-based preservatives.

PURO. By nature.
With pink Himalayan salt.

With pink Himalayan salt

Recent medical research has shown that if adults reduce their salt intake by 10%, after 10 years their life expectancy will have increased by an average of 1.8 days for each year. PURO is made with pink Himalayan salt for a reduced sodium content (reduced with respect to INRAN nutritional values for charcuterie as of 2010).


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